Dog who is ‘part fox’ is searching for new home after being returned to kennels

An adorable pooch who has been coined “part dog and part fox” is desperately searching for a new home after being returned to kennels.

The poor dog, named Laddie, arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue in September last year before being placed into a home just two months later.

However, the crossbreed was returned to the Hull-based kennels on Christmas Eve as “things didn’t work out in his new home”.

A spokeswoman said: “Oakwood’s very own furry little fox is finally ready to search for his forever home.

“Unfortunately, while Laddie was in the home his space wasn’t respected and when the usual dog warning signals were not listened to or picked up on, Laddie learnt that the only way was to snap leading to bite.

“When he returned to us, he was very confused and wanted to get back through the door to his family.

“For about a week Laddie refused to eat and sat at the back of his kennel with his ears flat, only perking up if he was going out on a walk.”

The rescue team have been working with the two-year-old dog since he was returned eight months ago – and say he has blossomed into a “loving boy who is eager to please”.

“Laddie came back to us slightly changed and his fears from what happened in the home followed him” the spokeswoman added.

“Over the last few months we have dedicated our time and resources to rehabilitating him and working closely with Oakwood canine services.

“Laddie has absolutely loved this – he is a clever boy and eager to participate in any training activity.

“Laddie has been muzzle trained as a precaution as this will come in useful for any future scary vet visits – he thinks it’s a great game. He has also learn ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘wait’ and other general obedience cues.”

Despite everything he has been through, he has been described as a ” fantastic boy”, who is “very people orientated and very affectionate”.

The spokeswoman said: “He loves nothing more than snuggling up on a person’s lap and having a snooze.

“Laddie enjoys meeting new people and will happily greet- once you build a stronger bond with him he is incredibly loyal.

“Laddie needs a second chance to show his true colours and the real potential he has in a home. Laddie is a superstar and in the right home will blossom even more than he already has.

“He needs his people to be hands off to allow him to settle. He most-definitely will come over for cuddles and strokes, but his owners need to understand that when he has taken himself away to do his own thing he does not want to be bothered.”

Laddie can live with children over aged 16 but would need to be the only dog in the home. He cannot live with cats.

“We would like Laddie’s new family to be able to come for multiple visits so we can demonstrate Laddie’s training and, of course, build a stronger bond wit him,” the spokeswoman added.

“He is not keen on other dogs so will need to live as an only dog. However he has shown at the centre that he can go for walks with other dogs as long as they don’t invade his space and he gets plenty of treats.

“Laddie does walk on a lead and enjoys going out for walks. He will need some decompression time in a new home for a few days before lead-walks begin. Rushing him could lead him to feel overwhelmed again.”