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Here we’ll try to open a window for you into our village, the beautiful, natural environment that surrounds us where we still use home remedies for severe backache, a way of life which is fast disappearing, and give you a chance to meet some of the villagers who have a story to tell.

Some were born when the last Sultan was still on the throne. They remember the rise of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the War of Independence and the founding of the modern Republic of Turkey. Theirs is a fascinating tale!

We hope the links will give you a Magic Carpet ride where you can “Ooh!” at the beauty of Mother Nature and “Ahh!” at the story telling. We hope that you will find a little relief from the stresses that seem to be part and parcel of everyday, modern life.

We also hope that what you see and read will cause you to pause for a few moments next time you pass through our village in your car or on the tourist bus, because here in Okçular we march to the beat of a different drum. Here we always have time to drink a glass of tea with our friends and neighbours. To talk, or to sit in companionable silence, eyes unfocussed, listening to the song of a blackbird.

Where is Okçular? Right next door to the famous tourist town of Dalyan in Muğla Province, SW Turkey. Although next door to the glitter of Dalyan, Okçular is unlike our near neighbour. Here life is less frantic, more in tune with nature and our fellow human beings. Here you can walk in peace without the constant bustle of people or blare of pop music from dozens of shops and restaurants. Here you’ll find the true Turkey because from every household you pass there will come a greeting and perhaps an invitation to sit and drink tea, share a little time. Don’t worry about the language, here we speak the language of hospitality and our shared humanity.

We are waiting for you!

meet some  Okçular Folk . . .


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The Okçular Book Project was created by the author as a way to give something back to the people of Okçular village for all the generosity, kindness and support shown to him over the years.

‘Okçular Village - a Guide’ has something for everyone; a little history, stories from some of our old folk, walking guides with accurate maps, lists of flora and fauna and lots of photos.

A donation of 15TL or more will secure you a copy and ALL of the money goes towards environmental and community projects in Okçular.

Thanks to popular demand from walkers and cyclists a dedicated book of beautiful, accurate hand-drawn maps and directions has been published. Covering the areas around Kösten and Ölemez Mountains; it is made to the highest possible standards of quality.


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